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If so complete the following form and send it in. In the comment section tell us what you need, ask your question or state your problem. Please remember we cannot give nor do we offer to give legal advice. That can only be done by a licensed attorney. If your question concerns VA or Military Benefits please use the Ask Sarge form. Say are your records up to date? If not click here and check out the new service offered by the American Veterans Alliance "The AVA Records Vault." They not only help you to get them up to date they help you store them so you are never caught in a bind. Click Here!

  All Fields Must Be Completed! Do not use a web based email address such as HotMail, RocketMail or others. In the past we spent a lot of time answering messages only to have over 50% of them bounce. If you need a web based account please go to and sign up for it. We control that domain and can insure that the return message gets to you. If you use a web mail account other than that you will receive a autoresponder message (maybe) . informing you to resubmit your request. Your address will not be used except here at the VASC and will not be stored on a network connected computer to protect your privacy. Many times to expedite your answer we may have to call you so please give us your phone number if possible. We also use that as a file control number to make finding your email easier. We receive in excess of 300 emails a day please help us make the job a bit easier. Thanks

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