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That's Right! You Tell Em!

You would like to but as you know most correspondence going to politicians is usually read by aides and clerks if not just thrown in the trash can. However there is a way to beat that and get the fullest attention of your senator or representative. We have written a Information Pack called "Empower" it has all the information you need to make sure you are on that "A" list of people that the officials read themselves. It's not going to happen overnight. It will as it's spelled out take some work. However after a while you might be in the position of having he or she write you if you haven't sent them anything lately. So click here and go to the Download Zone and download "Empower."

However that doesn't mean quit writing until you get there. No go right ahead and keep those cards and letters coming. Please though heed the next paragraph and the advice on the page it takes you to.

When you do write remember there are some very basic points in writing the President and your representatives. They get tons of mail and you want yours though to stand out. How? Well click here and take a take a look at these suggestions.

Not sure who your representatives are or their addresses? Well the Zipper below is a good place to start getting the information you need to write your congressperson or senator. It has a lot of other features for the political activist that will make correspondence easier. You can send a mailing to all the members of a particular committee without having to address each one of them. They have mail merge set up for all of the major committees. Look around the site and take advantage of all it offers.

Just put your zip code in the box and back will come your representatives name and address as well as your senators.

Enter zip code:

Because it uses a 5-digit zip code database, The Zipper has an accuracy of about 85 percent.

  • Have you ever sent a telegram to an entire Congressional committee? You will. See Netgrams or you can send an email to the committee.
  • The Zipper is 1995 Stardot Consulting, Ltd.. Our thanks to Star Dot and Cap for the use of The Zipper.

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