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Freeware Computers: Utilities
#1 ITSDiag (Internet Tech Support Diagnostics) checks a users computer for it's Internet, Network, and Modem configuration, then can analyze the results and make some real world suggestions to improve connection quality and speed. Most Internet users don't know a packet from a mtu and it really doesn't matter especially if you have this. Most of the other speed packages throw jargon at you this one just analyzes, reports and helps you fix. That's the kind of programming computers were meant to have. These is a whole page of good diagnostic and helpful utilities on this page all work and all are freeware. freeware
#2 MCL a command line utility that gives you back the speed you had in DOS. No more hunting all over with the mouse. Type in the key strokes or with a couple of strokes activate a macro and away you go. Takes almost no space and doesn't get lost. This is from another programmer who has a whole page of great utility programs. This one is the grand old age of 15. Of course that means he can make it sing while most adults (me too) can barely make it honk. Get this and more. Mike Lin's Home Page
#3 Mouse-O-Meter an absolute must have for anyone who uses a computer. This program in inches, yards, miles or millimeters, centimeters, meters or kilometers tells you just have far your mouse traveled during your current session, daily, weekly or monthly. This definitely beats "Don't I know you from someplace" as an opening line. Switch to "Hi, did you know my mouse traveled 800 miles last week." Now you know why Garfield is worrying about Jon. He thinks this will work. I would worry about anyone who downloaded it but it's cute! Mouse-o-meter
#4 Win Mac ever wished you had a Mac (the computer not the hamburger:-)? Well you can make your Win95 look like one on the screen. Just download Win Mac and fire it up. All the functionality and looks of the Mac desktop running Mac 7.5 or 8 (Copeland). Mac icons the whole nine yards or mix Win and Mac styles together. WinMac
#5 Diligence Encounter do you like to get great sound out of your computer? Well here's how. Diligence Encounter is a freeware editor player that works as well or better than the expensive commercial software packages. Handles almost any type of sound file from a simple wave to avi sound and more. Ulf M Waschbusch
Freeware Computer: Programming
Java Script Tutorials for those who want to learn more about Java than just stealing scripts and applets off others pages. The basic tutorial is just that a good entry into Java and simple programming. There is more there to take you well into the advanced level. Also they have plenty of applets and scripts for free download so with this your wicked ways are finished. Website Abstraction Free Java applets
GNU Emacs for Win 95 either you know what this is or you don't. If you do and were looking for a porting to Win 95 here it is. Rather than go into a long explanation this does a fantastic number of things and just for the heck of it download it and its' papers and live on the edge. http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/voelker/ntemacs.html
Freeware Computing: Missy Laneious
Fm Edit 98 when the lads and lassie's at MS started the make over on file manager to Explorer they should have just downloaded this freeware replacement. Its' three widow system is hard to beat. The first two are you standard directory and files but the third is something that's really been needed. When you click on a file if it's a text file or similar the file appears in the third window. The same for graphics, html and more. The text window is even an editor. More commands available and fast. http://wkweb1.cableinet.co.uk/raymond.allan/html/fmedit95.htm
Free Mem free up memory that Windows is wasting. Windows is notorious for wasting memory. It does not flush the RAM after a program is closed and just uses more memory in the swap file which is much slower. Free Mem will clean out unused programs from RAM and make your computer that much more responsive. FreeMem Standard from Meikel.com
Reg Edit Extensions greatly enhances the reg edit functions. Word to the wise. If you know how to edit the registry this is wonderful. If you don't know how either don't do it or practice on a friend you can afford to lose or your in laws computers. Don't do it on your own. The registry is no place for the uninitiated to be. http://www.dcsoft.com/prod01.htm
Freeware Education: Teachers & Students Aides
Civil War Collection This collection includes documents and clip art from the American Civil War. It includes: A Short Chronology of the Civil War, A Doctor's Diary, Pictures of Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln, Civil War Map and Civil War Slang. http://www.mm-soft.com
Probert E-text Encyclopedia this is a work that without computers would only be in libraries with large budgets. It addresses obscure but relevant acts, deeds, people etc. As an addition to your standard encyclopedia it gives it much more depth. ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/info/penc1ih.zip
The Dictator no not a mean school teacher or vice principal but a program to make memorizing less tedious. The promo for the program says it will make it fun and as soon as they show me a painless dentist I'll believe them. This takes a new interactive computer approach. It's like studying with a friend with no snide remarks. Excellent for all grades from Bible verses in Sunday School to your orals for a Ph.D. If you are a student anywhere get it. It is a new concept in software it's free but on a portion of the screen ads float by. Look around though there are programs to stop that just like the ones that stop the pop-ups at Geocities. It also comes with study modules be sure and get the world and US flag sets. Dissonance FREE software! ,Educational Software,Tests,Teachers,Students,Kids
Ray's Letters and Numbers for ages 3 to 6 a multimedia experience in learning numbers and ABC's. I'm sure it beats sitting around singing that dumb song. This award winning program makes learning fun. Comes in both UK and US English. That way American children can learn a foreign language and British children can learn a proper language:-). Really if you have small children or teach them get this. You won't buy a better program in this area. Ray's Letters and Numbers
Helpeasy got a computer but don't know anything about it except to get around the net and that's strain. Here is an easy learning aid for you. In windows help format. Just download and double click on the file. After it installs just open and start learning what that high priced electronic box can do besides play CD's through some very cheap speakers. If you are like about 90% of the people using a computer you need this not only for study but reference. The Back Room Boys in NZ.
Food Composition what's in over 5,000 foods from the US Department of Agriculture. Ever wonder what's in a hot dog? Well now you will know, and probably never eat one again. Has all the nutritional information and all that other good stuff. Food Composition
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