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Freeware Entertainment: Games
123 Free Solitaire five different solitaire games for those who have nothing better to do at work. Standard Klondike and four more variations of the game. Good colors, and function. 123 FREE Solitaire - Freeware collection of Solitaire
The Ardennes Offensive frm the series "Desicive battles of WWII." This is a demo but very playable. If you buy it what you get is more levels. If you are not interested in the game put an ad up in Looking For. Some of our visitors can tell you about the real Ardennes Offensive. The Ardennes Offensive
XBill stop a hacker trying to infect your computer with "Wingdows." Fun, fun, fun. All it's missing is Girls, girls, girls but then it's a takeoff on Bill Gates. Stands to reason. A really fun game. It's the programmers first effort amazing what Bill can inspire us to do. http://www.edeal.de/azzit/xbill.html#download
Backgammon or Acey-Ducey (different rules same board) as the Navy types like to call it. Now don't worry about having the equipment or even an opponent. This is a favorite of my wife and daughter both the board version and on the screen. This is a no nag shareware but who's counting. PC Magazine Downloads - Acey Ducey Backgammon (32-bit)]
Seeking a concentration type game. Fun for everyone. Comes in a five pack with four other programs. Another game, two movie programs and one ancient math game. http://home.netvigator.com/~kinghong/studio.html
John's Animated Computer Game get out the old keyboard you replaced for an upgrade. This is for the 3 to 7 year old tykes and it's a keyboard banger. Just the kind they love. KD PC Download: John's Animated Computer Game
Freeware Entertainment: Desktop and Screensavers

VetsCom Screen Saver
yes Kil has his own screen saver and he will flash (fully clothed:-) across your screen along with information on the smaller veteran's groups and VetsCom. In the background, of course the VetsCom music, "America, Battle Hymn and God Bless America." This is done in Visual Basic 5 (which means I didn't do it) so you must have the VB5 files on your computer. If you are not sure or just don't know what we are talking about download the screen saver and if it doesn't run come back and click here for the extra files. http://vets.com/kilone.zip

Neon Annimated Cursors 315 of them to be exact. All in one very small file. Of course they arn't very big. You can also download while you are there the Comet curson that changes as you go to different sites that have that plug in. The site belongs to the Cusorphile Ring of Sites (I'm not joking it's right there in neon). A large group of sites ran by people who's thing in life is cursors. Millions of little cursors and cursorettes and Garfield thinks Jon oughta get a life:-). The Neon Animated Cursor Page
Freeware: Goodies different stuff you never know about until you need it.
Converter II converts one type of unit to another. Sounds like a simple program? Wrong, this program changes more different types of units than you can imagine. US, Metric, British you name it. Old Chinese Kun, OK change it to US or to old Japanese. Not just weights and liquids. Engineering, chemical. It's staggering. Never be stumped by your childrens metric home work again. Speak with authority on changing grams to ounces, just don't let the kids see it. Tek's Software Catalogue A lot more unusual software at this same spot
Clip Plus a great little clipboard saver. Also will permanetly store items that you chose. Very easy to use and understand. A great time saver. The only better than this is Recall but it's a twenty dollar bill and this is 20 cheaper. ClipPlus!!
Mini Apps 20 small utilities to do various chores around your computer. Some you may only use once in a lifetime but when you need it it's there and not taking up much space. makes you prepared for all sorts of emergencies. Free Software
Hagi's Shut Down Windows it charses at the worst time and then when you want to quit though it won't. Well you can stop that. Hagi's shuts Windows down cold and properly. Worth the effort to download as it will takes less time to download than the next time you have problems shutting Windows down. Welcome to Hagai's Site
Mouse SendKeys will let you activate most keyboard keys with a mouse click . Great if you are feeling lazy or handicapped and something like this makes the work easier. In my case both I feel lazy most of the time and I'm handicapped.Free Software

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