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President Ford speaking on the bureaucracy of the government said.
"Heck if I don't understand it what chance have you got."
While we can't change it, we hope this will make it easier.

  • First Read About These!
  • To Get Them Read Below
1. The Veterans Alliance VA Survival Guide.
Commonsense advice on how to deal with the government's largest bureaucracy. If you thought the service was tough you ain't seen nothing yet!
2. The Veterans Advocate and Service Officer List.
Would you go the IRS without an accountant, to trial without a lawyer? No! Use your veterans service organizations advocates and/or county and state veterans service officers who work for you for free. They are there for every vet and family member regardless if you belong to them or not. They also work for you not the VA. Their reputations are made on what they get accomplished not the number of papers they handle.
3. The VA Benefits Manual.
This is the VA's own publication redone in several formats by Vets.Com for easier use. It tells you about all of your benefits, has a directory of all VA facilities and gives you abroad outline of what they want so that you can prove your claim.
  • Read Here to get the information.

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The Download Page.
To get the above you need to go to our download page. The download page is password protected. To get your password click here. While you are there we have many other VA and government forms available. Also all of our Veterans Alliance Information Packs are located there. If you don't want to download them you can order them via the mail. These are for PC only no Mac. If you know how to or can make them into the Mac format please let us know.

For all of the packages and forms on a CD or disks snail mailed to you send $5.00 to cover the cost of mailing and the media to Vets.Com, %C. Napier, VFW Post 10215, Post Office Box 864, Lafayette, Oregon 97128. If you cannot afford the $5.00 order it anyway. No need to explain. We will understand. Besides you as a veteran have already paid to great a price.

  • Now visit these sites for more information.
1. Veterans Voice of Austin - Home of Willie Daugherty one of America's leading expert on the VA and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder submissions.

2. Gulf War Veterans - Be sure and visit here.

3. Hepatitis C Veterans Site - A must see place for every veteran and active duty member. Hepatitis and internal medicine assistance.

4. Veterans News and Information Service - For updated information and news on the VA and its' policies.

5. There are a lot more - Use the Vets Search engine to find more about your specific problem area. Vets Search

  • Keep People Informed
Last But Not Least - Keep your family and a trusted friend informed on what you are doing, what has happened and where all of your documents are kept. If something were to happen to you where does your family stand if they can't find the information. If you need a secure place and don't have one contact us at and we will assist you by scanning them and providing storage in a secure directory on the web.

Be sure and buy a notebook. Not just one with paper but one with about five divders and pockets with it. Keep a copy of everything in the appropriate pocket and make complete notes of everything you have done, who you have talked to, the time, place and gist of the conversation. Also copies of everything the VA sends you and copies of everything you turn in. You can get notebooks like these from Office Max, Office Depot and other stores and they cost about 4 to 5 dollars. They are sometimes worth their weight in gold at least from the email we receive telling us this was one of the most important pieces of advice they got.

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America's greatest assets are her veterans and her finest citizens.

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