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January 1998

I am looking for Roy Pollock who served with me from 1962 thru 1966. His MOS was 2541. Rank was Cpl. He was originally from San Jose Ca. His serial number started with 20-----. If you have any info please contact Ron Pruitt 402-346-5618 , my address is 1946 So. 13th st, in Omaha, Ne. 68108. I work at Boystown in Omaha, my phone number there is 402-498-1281. Thanks

Can someone give a connection with the family or relatives of B.General Lunsford E.Oliver, combat command B, 1st armored division. Thanks. Ch. Brunet . France. Please contact me at

Looking for members of 62nd Air Rescue Sq, Reno, NV 1955-57 and 8th Air Rescue Gp, Norton AFB, CA 1957-58. Particularly Robert Jackson, George Jacks, Ron Petersen.

richard dix 3arm cav regt 55to 58 -------- Davied Fayshee, Ft Knox KY 1954 Rodney and charlotte scott ph 817 7630943 email

looking for men that served in Co A 705th M.P. Bn in P. I. in 1945-46. Wold like to find Warren Clary Phillipsburd Ks. Manuel Campbell Blue Ridge Ga. General B Hurst, Springfield Oh and Ernest Perez from Tx. Contact John Carlo a or Earl At

My name is Robert Ucci, I was at Eielson AFB 343 Supply Squadron from 5/87 to 3/90 I am looking for any old friends that know me. Feel free to write me at 15 Kaymac ST Brentwood NY 11717

I am looking for ( last known rank) Major Jimmie Lee Pappas, Commanding Officer of H&MS-32, also H&MS-15 nothing important,just wondering how he is doing e-mail

would like to contact members of Co A 705th M. P. Bn. P.I. 1945-46 would like to find Manuel Campbell, Ga, Warren Clary, Ks and Ernest Perez, Tx. also Eddie Murry Ny. John W. Carlo email 633 Grace St Ottumwa Ia Or Earl Malizia 1281 Hwy EE Rocheport Mo. 65279 Email

Looking for anyone who served with 937th Army Aviation in Latin America just to make contact with ex-IAGSer's. E-mail or write to Fred Goodell, GC-107, PO Box 526250, Miami Fl 33152

 I am also looking for combat friends that i was with in the 821th T.D. Bn. Those that were in A, Co or Recon Co. Any one that was in Donald Wallicks squad, rememers the fire fight that we were in, and the air burst's that we took in this small town'. These are the fellows that i remember, Lt Armwell J,Joins. Early,Gigleo.Duvall or any one that remembers me. the fellows that were with me on the trip to Marseille,France and the jeep wreck that we were in. the trip to the hospital near Paris. Please e-mail me @ My thanks to you all. Rollie Norris. P.S , i still have two thanks giving menues. that list all the names that were in the Battery , 1940 & 1942. will make copys for any one that wants one.

Looking for AF Vets with 62nd Air Rescue Sq or 8th Air Rescue Go, Stead AFB, Reno, NV 1955-57; 8th ARG moved to Norton AFB, San Bernardino, CA 1957. I worked in orderly room 1955-57 with 62nd and with 8th ARG 1957-58. Would particularly like to hear from George Jacks, Robert Jackson, Ron Petersen.

Looking for former members of the 18th F.A."I" bat or "C"Bat, 369th F.A Bn. At FortSill, Okla, 1941 to 1943, I left there in 1943, went to Fort Benning, Ga. for jump school, in the first p.t.r, class 82. I was in the third section,Billy J.North was the section chief. i would like to hear from any one that is still around. or if any one is looking for some one, in that time frame, please contact me, Rollie Norris,in McAlester, ok. or e-mail me @

Hello, Trying to get in touch with the following people. From 3700 Foodservice squardron: Al Ditaranto, Dwayne Estes, Frank Dazelski, Guido Rossi, Michael Andreano, If you know any of the above people please contact PAUL BONONNO at OR CALL (414) 637-2489 Thank you very much for your help. Paul Bononno

USS Bashaw AGSS-241 From 1963 to 1965 Looking for Old Shipmates. E-Mail Jim Singer EM2 at Possible reunion in making.

Looking for any member of the crew of the U.S.S. Griffin from this period of time,, who might be interested in attending a reunion to be held either Sept.or Oct. 1998 in Ohio or who would like to contact other known crew members. Henry G. Spenceley D.C. formerly Y2c. Gunnery & Torpedo Dept. 5th Div.. Email address 12208 Pepper Mill Drive Bayonet Point, Florida 34667

Hi my name is Kenneth Martin and I am looking for my birth father, Roy Cavill. My mother, Linda Martin, told me that he was in the army at the time of their relationship (around 1965-1966). My mother lived in Newark, NJ at the time so I suppose he resided around there too. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Looking for anything on the 95th Inf Div (Europe,WWII ), esp. 920th Field Atry Bn.. Please contact me at

Looking for anybody that served with me in E 2/13 and G 3/11, Feb. 68-Oct 69. Please contact me at

Looking for anyone who served on the USS Seminole, AT-65,sunk by gunfire October 25, 1942 off Lunga Point, Guadacanal. My father was an officer on this ship when it was sunk and I am very interested in any information. Please contact Rob Gardner-

Looking for Ronald Neddo, who served with me at Camp Casey, South Korea, 1/72 Armor Bat. 2nd Infantry Div. 83-84..Please contact me

My name is Tim Wagner. I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father, Gerald Wagner, in the navy. He served on the U.S.S. Bache DD-470 from 1951-53 as a torpedomans mate second class. He died in 1970 when I was 4 yrs. old and I know little about him. Anyone who knew him, please contact me at Thank you very much.

Looking for John E. Lewis U.S. Navy. Served in Division 9118 Color Guard at Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA, about 1958-59 -- Also served in Adak, Alaska about 1959--60. Contact Bobby Logan at or P.O. Box 21713 Chattanooga, TN 37424-0713

looking for former members of the 7th radio research unit or 101st radio research company who served with me from Jul66 thru Feb68. I was in HHC (Davis Station) and the 4th Plt (CanTho). My nicknames were KONG - HAWK and CHICKENMAN. My real name is Gerald King. I was a 05G20. Please contact me at spyone@USWEST.NET

Seeking Navy officer William E. Henry, who was posted in Wash.D.C. and Geo.Wash.Univ. Masters Program early 70's. Originally from PA. Would like to include in reunion. Please contact Col. Gordon Rives Carmichael, 216 Arrowhead Drive, Harker Heights, TX 76548 e-Mail:

My name is Gene Davis and I am looking for anyone who served at Rose Barracks, Bad Kreuznach Germany between 1975-76. I was in Co. B 8th Signal Battalion 8th Inf Div. More info can be found at my homepage at Please contact me

Would like to hear from any one in VMF-122 in 1964 Harold Schomburg

Looking for any info on James Lamoreaux, KIA Remagen Bridge, 9th US Armored. Please contact me at

Looking for info on Irv Hougas, KIA Iwo Jima, USMC. Please contact me at

  Am looking for CW2 Jonathan M. Schull or SGT Rex A. Boyd. Both of whom served in Heidelberg, Germany with HQUSAREUR and 7th Army. CW2 Schull was from the Chicago area and may be retired there. SGT Boyd was from Indiana. Any help in locating these two is appreciated.

Gary hurley 1970 veitnam 5/22or 6/32 artillery last know lives near chicago ill. please help me find him my life a has been a blurred for long time . this would make a father of 5 children and grand dad of 3, very happy thanks B.E Rader Please contact me at

I am searching for Raymond E. Smith. He is my half brother. He would be in his early to mid 40's. I was told he was in Austrailia at one point but is believed to be in Florida now?? He has some benefits from our deceased Father. I have always wanted to know him. Any information would be great, Thank you Cathy Please contact via email:

The 22nd Infantry Regimental Society is seeking out to all former "Regulars," offering camaraderie, fellowship, a quarterly newsletter, biannual reunions, and a Web Page at: For more information visit the web page or email:

Naval Communication Station, Nea Marki, Greece. Seeking anyone stationed there from 1966 to 1968. Would like to have possible reunion. Base shut down in 1996. If interested please e-mail me at or write me at Harold French RR 7 Box 121 Kittanning, Pa. 16201

I am looking for Richard Timmons. When I met Rich, he was a 2d Lt advisor to the Vietnamese Ranger Battalion (31st?) in Phouc Long. We were together in '66-67. I was with CIA at the time. Rich stayed in the Army and retired not too long ago as a General. He graduated from VMI in '65. Can you supply any link to try and get in touch with him? My email address is Many thanks.

The name here is Ron Sowinski. I maintain an ever growing list of names (and many addresses) of folks who served in the Army Security Agency in the following places: Sinop, Turkey and Rothwesten, Germany If you or someone you know/knew served in either place, let me know. If you would like a current list from either Sinop or Rothwesten, let me know by contacting me at:

I am trying to help Vern locate his fellow soliders from the Korean War--Harvey Jarvis (originally from Gary, Ind.)Clifford Lagasse (Staten Island, NY) and Joe Barone (Rhode Island). Please send info to L. Smith, PO Box 523, Mitchell, SD 57301. He would like to have a reunion with you all!

Looking for James Justice, USMC, stationed at the Presidio of Monterey, CA in 1981. Please contact

Looking for Louis Phillip Weil. He served with the 547th Air Force Band at Luke AFB 1951 to 1953. Please contact Tex Vaught, 1903 Forest View Drive, Prescott, Az 86301. 520-776-7112 or EMail..

I am trying to reach a very important person, his name is Jerry Rozell. Jerry was stationed at Dow Air force Base in Bangor Maine between 1964-1966. He was in the Civil Engineer Squad.-He is greatly missed and thought of by a very special young man. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, M. Gebert Contact me at

Am looking for the father of my daughter. Name is Larry Alan Kerns. Served on the USS Acadia from 1983 to about 1989. Tall, thin and has red hair. We were married at the time she was born. Lots of marital problems, but, the child should not suffer. She is 15 years old now and REALLY wants to meet her father or his relatives. Thank you Anyone looking for Don Howard should contact me also.

Looking for anyone who may have served with my father Ralph L. Koble in Service Battery 227th FA Battalion during WWII. Please respond

hello. i am looking for anyone who was on any hospital trains in korea around x-mas 1950. My wifes great aunt was a nurse at this time travelling between pusan and places like taegu. i would like to surprise her with some stories or pictures of this time. her name is lilly heywood. also, i am compiling stories of the trains for a possible book. she has told me a number of stories and i find them very interesting. please drop me a line. ensure that you put the word korea in the subject area of the e-mail. thank you. shawn bennett. e-mail to

Searching for Mike Fromm, Glenn Taylor, Robt. Fallon, James Faulkner, Robert Morgan, William Dodson, and any others who don't know about upcoming reunion.

  Jim Hammitt. B Co., 357 Infantry, 90 th. div. is looking for any one who served with him in France, July 1944 till October 1944. Especially Charley Lancaster fram Atlanta, Ga. and Alva Lumkin, address unknown. Would like to correspond with relatives of Porfirio D. Ponce from Calif. He was killed by shrapnel, as I was standing right beside him! Lancaster had a grenade go off in his pocket. I was told he survived the war. please contact at


I'm looking for anyone who served with my father, Staff Sergeant Milton D. Vanderford, Headquarters Company, 324th Engineers Battalion, 2nd Combat Engineers, during World War II. He landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and marched across France. Please e-mail

  Looking for lost buddy SSgt Ralph Kemp last Known post Camp Stanley , Korea 1976-1977 . I know he was in Germany in 1979 Recived x-mas card in Dec.1979. Sent a letter with no reply . Moved and lost address in 1980. Was married to Korean lady by the name of Miss Im. If anyone knows were I might start in trying to locate my friend or how to get info from the U.S.Army to try to locate please forward all will be welcomed. Thanks Brothers

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