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January 1999

Looking for anyone that served aboard the uss Delta (ar-9) between 1965 and 1969. Also looking for any nco's or warrant officers who served in Q-4 radar systems us army between 1975 and 1985. Please contact me at 15695 Ramrod Dr. Peyton Co. 80831 Ph 719-749-2581.

I would like to know if anyone has info on James Terhorst, 73rd M.I., Germany 1974-76. Please contact me at

USMC 1st bat 4th Marines H&S company 81's plt Nam 67/68 Looking for anyone that may have served with me in nam or in plt 281 at Parris Island Looking for Wayne"Doc" Galusky and Eddie"Tex" Gunkel To all Nam vets....Welcome Home Semper Fi Bob Hudgins 65/69 E-mail

I am looking for information on Bill Manion, possibly from Kansas, and a {first name not known} Lutz from Missouri who served in batallion 366 with SCARWAF near Pusan Korea from 1954-55. Bob Lawrence, my father, is interested in locating and contacting these former Army pals of his. Bob's telephone in Clayton, New Mexico is 505-374-8022. Thanks! Richard K. Lawrence Project Manager/Consultant ESRI Professional Services (909)793-2853 ext. 1700

Please Help! Did anyone serve with, or know Captain Thomas Randolph McCormick, Air Force, originally from Santa Monica CA. I am looking for any information please. He was KIA in South Vietnam (over Cam Rahn I believe) on May 10, 69. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him, or maybe find a photograph. Thank you very much. Mindy Keys 614/225-4838

My name is Allen Newby, I was stationed at Lagis AFB, Vila Nova Receiving site between the dates 5/86 through 10/97 - Looking for friends that I served with, A1C Frank, Ssgt Raymond Wheelock (last known, stationed griffiths AFB NY), Ssgt Elaine Prston. if anyone has information please contact me

My father, Richard Francis Hallenbeck served in WWII and was in the Navy. He died in 1975, but I am searching for folks who knew him, and or know of his first wife and or children. Since I am the only one he had with my mother I really could use your help... Thanks. Karen Sikorsky BSN,RN,UM,QC

I'm looking for any member of the units listed below. That served in these units during the dates that are listed with each unit. Yankee Company 2nd. BCT, 1st Army, Basic Training Ft. Dix , NJ - 25Aug1966 - Dec1966 85th Quartermaster Refer Platoon, Kaiserslautern, Vogelwoog District - Germany- 4Jan1967 - Sept1967 Stanley J. Cwiklinski III

I'm looking for any member of the units listed below. That served in these units during the dates that are listed with each unit. Delta Co., 1st Maint. Bn 3rd. Corp later became 7th Corp. under the 5th Army Command @ Ft. Riley, Kansas - Feb1969 - Dec1970 KIRCH-GÖNS, Germany HHC 1st Bg 3rd. Armor Div. - Feb1971 - 4Feb1975 Sgt. Goodman and Sp/5 Daniel Snow Stanley J. Cwiklinski III

Looking for MSG (?) Ronnie G. Hardin. Last known assignment Fort Sill, OK in 1990-91. Wife named Marilyn, also in the military. Daughter (about 13 now, maybe). Son (Lonnie) from first marriage. May be retired now and living in Arkansas? He knew me and my husband, SFC Howard L. Knott, in Germany and at Fort Sill. Now living in the Dallas area, and would like to get in touch with Ron. Phone: 903/527-5136. 340 CR 2744, Caddo Mills, Texas 75135. If anyone knows Ron, please pass this message along. Many Thanks!

Looking for men who served in Korea 1968-1969 Co. B 1/17 ( Mech. Inf. ) 7th.Div would like to try to have a reunion contact me at; John Johnston P.O.Box 758 Ansonia,Ohio 45303 or e-mail me at

James Suell is from Alabama. Today he would be about 62 years old. James was posted at an Air Radar Base in St. Anthony ,Newfoundland Canada. He left St. Anthony in late 1957. I think he was an officer a lieutenant. While in St. Anthony he dated a woman by the name of Jean Pilgrim. I have been searching the internet to try to find out anything. I cannot find an information about the base there. The base was closed in 1965 or 1966. I have contacted some Suell's in Alabama but no one seems to know him. I cannot believe he just vanished. Any help, suggestions on how to locate him or find out who was at that base in 1956 and 1957 would be helpful. Thanks Cavell Newell


Yes, My name is Patsy Jean Douglas-Pryor. I posted an ad last year . I was looking for my father well i'm still looking but now I have more information. His AFSC number was 55530. If any one remembers him or this was your number PLEASE contact me at or you can write me at Route 1 Box 91a Damascus, AR 72039 Thank You

 I am the Daughter of a World War II Vetern. I am looking for my Brothers. My Dad fathered 2 Boys with different mothers at the end of the war. They would have been born at a hospiltal in Holland, but from germany in 1945 or 1946. My father's name is Clevin Berthelot. If Anyone has any information Please contact me at

Looking for anyone who was stationed at Camp Foxley, England approx February to June 1944. Please contact me at

I'm trying to find old friends that my father served with . He was in the south pacific , he flew in r4d's and r5d's. He was their around 41 thur 44. He was in mag 23 and got transferred into mag 25. He lost contact with fellow marines in mag 23 and mag 25. He went by C.D. Shores GySgt. . I'am his oldest son . If anyone can help ;please e-mail at Thank You Frank Shores

Looking for Ray Ross who was in the 119 inf. 30div. in february 1945 or anyone who may know where he can be located. He may have been with my dad when he was killed.[ ]

seeking to find frank g rogers approx 36 years old has son born 1983 married to renee. please contact me at

Looking for anyone who was in the 66th Infantry Division in (approx. 1945, Brittany, France) or any information concerning FRANK M. CALDARONE (originally from Stamford, CT). Army Serial # 31331443, Company I, 262d Infantry, US Army. Please email

I am looking for my husbands family. His name is Ronald Edward Miller. Born 5/2/48, but birth certif. says 1949. His mothers name is Agnes Elizabeth Capps (Maiden) and father was William Henry Miller. He was born in North Carolina and his father was in the Army and probably retired from the Army. He has 1 sister, Donna and two brothers Bill and Tom. He has not seen his family in years and would love to hear from you. He has 2 wonderful sons and a wife that would like to meet you as well. My name is Kelly Miller and my E-Mail is E-Mail or Contact By: E-Mail or any means

I am looking for anyone who served with my husband at Quin Yan from 1966-1967.,should be the 854 Trans Co. My husband's name is Phil Hyde. Please e-mail with any information to

My husband is looking for arthur pruitt (or pruett). Please contact us at


I am looking for an old friend who was in the 82nd Airbourne in 1987 in Fort Bragg, Fayettevill, NC. His name is James Duquette. He is about 28 years old, His ethnic background is Phillipino/French. He was enlisted about 1984-1988 in the army, Fayetteville, NC. He weights about 150, height, 5'8, black, hair, brown eyes and his friends referred to him as "Duke". If you have any information on him please send it to me including a phone number if possible. He was from the bay area in California. Thank You Erika

I am looking fro my friend Jimmy E. Cornett. His is a black male, last know stationed in Norfolk, Virginia at the Norfolk Navy Base in 1989. He is originally from Washington, D.C. with one child. Sometiimes he is called James or "Lucky". He weights about 150 pds. and is about 5'9 in height. He may still be on active duty. Please send any information about him. Thank You Erika

I am looking for another friend named Oscar Robert Moran who was stationed in Norfolk Navy Base, Norfolk, Virginia in 1988-1993. He was Puerto-Rican/Black, 5'7, about 160 in weight. His last known address was in New Jersey. He said he would move to Manhatten, NY. He is a civilian now. Thank You, Erika

Heavy Mortar Co. 35th Inf Rgt, 25th Inf Div. 1949-50 Lookin for vets who served in the above unit. My platoon sergeant was Sgt Martin, other platoon Sgts were Sgt Shumpert, Sgt Jones and the First Sgt was Sgt Pettijohn.

My name is Harold "Roy" Heinselman. I am looking for anyone stationed at Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado from 1956-1960 who was in the 3415th Maintenance/Transportation Squadron. I now live in Spokane, Washington and am seeking information on any reunions, etc. Contact me at

I am searhing for my father Eugene. He was in the AirForce from 1965-?. I believe that he was stationed in New Jersey. It is likely that he was a mechanic. His hometown was Westwood, NJ. Born Bronx, NY 1946. 5'11" 175lbs (1967) green eyes and light brown hair. His father was and butcher and his mother Virginia was a seamstress. He had a girlfriend named Susan from his hometown. If you think that you may know my father or knew him. Please contact me. Thank you. Karen Ann Campbell DOB: 12-04-67 Pascack Valley Hospital Westwood, NJ

Looking for anyone 25th Divison Clearing Medical Co. Contack A.E.Gehl Collect at 501-753-0297 Or E-MAIL at

Looking for anyone 25th Inf.Div.Clearing Medical CO. KOREA 1950-1951.Headquters CO. Contack A.E.GEHL Collect 501-753-0297. OR E-MAIL at

My brother, Bill Martin, and I are looking for Merle Clinton Brown who served in the U.S. Army in Viet Nam in the late sixties/early seventies. He attended Georgia Tech with my brother in the mid to late sixties. We lost touch with him after he returned from Viet Nam. We believe he was a member of the 81st or 82d Airborne. Any information passed on to him about this message would be appreciated or any information on how to find him would be wonderful. Thank you, Bill Martin (864) 388-8224 Suzanne Martin Burnette 26 Thompson Street Annapolis, Md. 21401 (410) 263-9447

I am looking for information regarding or contact with Paul Walsh of Pennsylvania, stationed at Naumberg, Germany in 1945. Rank and Army Unit unknown. Spoke excellent German. I would like to speak to Paul Walsh or any one knowing him. Please contact: Hollis H. Baker 1265 Stallcup Lane Lompoc, Ca 93436 (805) 733- 4174

  Looking for members of the 41st sig. CoC CRB 65-66...Contact Jerry Dillon JDCD@AOL.COM

Publisher and former Little Bear gunner requires info on any A.Co.25th Avn. Bn. personel who searved in RVN Cu-Chi. I am currently working on a historic accounting of the men and missions. Please reply to

Looking for anyone in the 2nd Signal Co. that served in the Korean war in 1950-1951. Please contace me at

We are searching for members of flying school class 53A for a reunion. Please contact Paul Haller at

Looking for someone who might have known Everett E. (Smitty) Smith Germany, 3 March 1945 - 5 April 1945. Sig A, 93d Signal Bn. e-mail or call 870-743-2152 Address- Sanford, 5370 Eastwood Drive, Harrison, AR 72601

Looking for veteran familiar with Sig A, 93d Signal Bn. Germany 3 March 1945 to 5 April, 1945. Information about Everett E. (Smitty) Smith or communication for XXI Corps. e-mail phone 870-743-2152 .

Am looking for Chuck Steele. Graduated Clairemont High School San Diego in l963 Graduated USC l967 Helo pilot Viet Nam Now flys for an oil rig company in gulf states somewhere. Would love to hear from him..

Nancy Heidesch Hyland looking for friends from basic training and tech school, Sept 79 thru Dec 79, Lackland and Shepherd AFB. Mary Schlesner, Michael Schrantz, W.P."Buster" Harris, Denise Stevenson, etc. Contact me at :

I am a former member of Detachment 2 4000th Support Group, Loring AFB, Me. Was one of the original men assigned when the outfit was formed in June 1963. I am seeking all that have been assigned from 1963 through 1985 when it was Deactivated. I have a list of about 140 men that I am trying to locate and would like to be able to post them if possible. A reunion is in the planning stage to be held in Colorado Springs in the year 2000. At the present time have located about 150 former members and this list is available to all. Thanks Don McConnell, 661 South 4th, Salina, Ks.,

Looking for members 1st cav 15th admin An Khe rvn '68,'69 contact Bill Docimo at

Looking for veterans stationed in Vicenza, Italy, US Army, from 1969-1971....I was stationed with USASETAF at that time and am hoping to contact old friends...

Am looking for Jack Poplus who served with me in Korea from Sept.1953 to Sept.1954 in the 606 AC&W Early Warning Sq. of the USAF My name is Ray Schulman and I can be found at His address at the time of discharge was Redbank NJ. I can also be contacted at (954)345-5615. in Florida.

I am looking for any one who served at WM Headquarters, Quantico, VA, from July, 1960, to October, 1963; and, at Camp H.M. Smith, Oahu, Hawaii, from October, 1963, to August, 1964. E-mail me at or regular mail to me at: 3608 Thompson Ave., Vancouver, WA 98660.

Family of Everett Smith, Sig A, 93rd Signal Bn XII Corp Germany March 1945. Looking for anyone who may have served with him. Family fund he received commendations - did not know until after his death. GSANFORD@NORTHARK.CC.AR.US

hello my name is marie pilet i am currently looking for my old friend norma acuna if you have any info on how and where i can find her please let me know thank you. here is some info i have: in 1986-1990 we where station @ oceana virginia vf101. the last i heard she move to san diego california her mother lives in calexico border of mexico her age is around 32yrs old please email me @ this address please include my name marie pilet thank you

my friend served with a Les Cooper in 1962 in camp sabre in Korea with the 12 calv ,combat support. Private Colonel Collie would like to get in contact with Les Cooper any info would be greatly appreciated. contact me at and I will pass the info on.

I am looking for people that served 1992-1994 in the berlin Brigade - and also some of their wives. I am looking for Monica Wyly and her husband, Christopher Staley, Dwayne Velasquez, James the cook <you know if it is you) and everybody else who might know me. My picture is on the web at and if you know me, you most likely were in 5th/502nd infantry, 6th/502nd infantry or Headquarters Commpany... I hoe to hear from all of you ..remembering the starlight clib and missing my buddies...

Looking for anyone 577th Engr Bn 1970 maybe Co D base camp by dam on river Da Nhim near Dalat work Rt 11 especially man named "Book". Got good news. Please contact me at

I am looking for a man named Brooks Giles who served in the marine corp in the 1950's. Please e-mail w/ information, if any.

LOOKING FOR:: A Mr. Maynard Jones,who served in the Korean Conflict in 1953 & 1954. He was there with Cpl. Ainsworth in the Aviation Engeneering Bat. Please contact: Billy Ainsworth 922 Tamara Lane Grand Prairie, Texas,75051 Thanks!

anyone knowing the well being of gunnydav, please contact me at

Looking for anyone who knew this man, I believe he served in the US army. Possibly went by Shawn Buchmeister, approx. 5' 11" 200lb many "home made" tattoo's, brown hair and brn eyes. Could have served in Panama and the Gulf, trained @ Camp Pendelton. Please contact me if you have any information, nomatter how insignificant it may seem. Thank you.

Could you please tell me how to locate the following Navy vet for my father? Warren J. McNemar from Clarksburg, West Virginia was at Naval Training Center in Bainbridge, Md. was in Navy Company 157 June 1951 to June 1955 with Howard "Bud" Orens (from Belmar, New Jersey) Please tell me how I can go about locating this long lost friend. Thanks! Bonnie Griffiths (

MUNICH AIRFIELD, MAY 8, 1945 I am currently doing research on the German Me 262 jet fighters that flew into Munich-Riem from points east and surrendered to U.S. forces on May 8, 1945. I am interested in obtaining information (photos, documents, personal recollections, etc.) from any sources on this event. I suspect that there might be some official U.S. documentation, but so far I haven't turned up any. (As an aside, which U.S. unit(s) occupied the airfield on this date?) Any and all help is gratefully appreciated and will be duly acknowledged and recognized. Sincerely, David E. Brown E-mail:

I'm looking for anyone from C, D,& E Co. 10th engineers, 3rd division,7th army,stationed in Kitzengin Germany (flack concern) from 1960 to 1964. Please contact : Fred Woleben

Looking for any info. regarding former members of the 160th Harbor Craft Company formerlly at Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone a Transportation Batallion that was part of the Trans. Corps. during the l940s and was deactivated about 1948. Thanks. Oh, I was a company clerk in the 160th. Please contact me at

Looking for men who served with me in the Korean War 1950 51 Headquarters BTRY 459FA 2nd inf Div any info email me thanks Clarance F Clark

Looking for men who served with me in the Korean War 1950 51 Headquarters BTRY 459FA 2nd inf Div any info email me thanks Clarance F Clark

Fellow Vets my name is Pat Connelly and Im looking for any of you guys that may have served with me at Camp Baker 304th Sig Bn. Young Dong Po Korea. And also the 63rd Sig Bn 1st Sig Bde at Phu Bai, Hue or Camp Evans RVN around 1970- 1972 I listed this earlier in the year and have since changed my E-Mail to

Looking for SFC HICK. MOS67Z50 The last account I had of him he was in AR. He was with the 135th AHC CO. in bear cat in viet nam. hope you can help me find him billy shirley

Hi, I am Carolyn A. Weddle (Combs) looking for some of the gals that I was in basic training with In Aug of 1969 at Lackland AFB, Tx. I have found one of the squad is all that I have had any luck with. I do have our old orders and a few of the 5 girsl that was on there are listed. I am especially trying to find Paula S Copeland, from Benton, Ky. Let me know if any one reading this can help me out. Thank YOU.

To Whom it May concern: Need info on Navy Lsm 172 WW II ship for my father Please E-Mail to Joy Raines-Ambrogne Ckel75b@Prodigy.Com


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