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September to December 1998

I am an AF WAF looking for old friends. I am looking for Melissa (Missy) Letts from OK and Betsy (Hussong) Moore from TX. Contact Gail at:

I'm not sure of the spelling. Looking for Stanley Sopolec. E-mail


Both of my grandfathers served in W.W.II. I am looking for anyone who served with Eugene Schauster of Highland, Illinois in Europe or George Johnson of Albers, Illinois in the pacific. I would like to know about there experiences in the war and the men they served with. Eric Schauster: Wentzville, MO

My grandfather, Gerald R. May is looking for WWII buddy named John W. Mayes. He was in the Army Air Force stationed in England with the 8th Air Force 388th Bomb Group. If anyone has any information regarding this, please email me at Thank you, Craig Tucker

Airforce buddies that were stationed Fairford England 1950-54.S.A.C. Names were Jimmy Hawkins Ms. William ( Bill ) Nickerson Ms Clarence (Pete) Allen Ohio and Earl Mier Mich Any information at will be welcomed Thanks Jerry O

I amlooking for my Brother-in-law his name is Clifford Herman Lucero he was married to my sister Jo Lynn Jones Lucero in 1977 he was in the Army although I don't know if he got out or stayed in we where stationed in Augsburg Germany our father was also in the Army. My sister's husband was stationed there to,but I don't remeber where. The last time we seen him was in 3-78. If you can help please e-mail me thank you.

I am looking for MSG Ronnie G. Hardin. Last known to be in the Lawton/Fort Sill, Oklahoma area in 1990-91. Wife named Marilyn, also in the military. Had a daughter, probably 13 or so now. Ron also had a son, Lonnie, from his first marriage. May be retired now and living in Arkansas. It is important that I locate him as soon as possible. If you have any information as to his whereabouts, please e-mail me at or send a reply to this e-mail ( If you know him personally, please let him know that SFC Howard Knott is anxious to get in touch with him. Phone 903/527-5136. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Looking for members of the 203d Recon Apln Co. "Hawkeyes" to explore possible reunion sometime/somewhere in 1999. Pilots and crew who served in RVN with the Hawkeyes or other 0-1 recon units please contact: David M. Stamat, 6015 N. 36 Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85019-1707. E-mail:

Trying to locate a Lt.Trask.He served with me with the 506th Inf ,101st 1971.Dont remember first name.I think he was from NY.He taught me to servive and get home.Want to thank him.My address is 5940 CoRd 49,Huntsville,Ohio 43324.Thank you .Rodney L.Burnside

Looking for Tyrone D. Rice AGC. Last Known Duty Station-FWC Norfolk,Va. Sept. 1973. Respond to my name is Wes Perry P>O> Box 37 Sayre Pa. 18840-0037.

I'm looking for anyone who was stationed with Charlie Porretto, in Guantanamo ,Cuba,(pre Castro)or Argentia New Foundland, Or Port Lyautey French Morocco in the 51-55. MCB6, MCB8, Public Works. Please reply

7784A[Orleans Signal Service Company]. if u served in the 7784,1956-1958,would like 2 hear from u . gvchism@BELLATLANTIC.NET

I'm looking for anyone who may be able to help me locate my fathers old girlfriend during 68-69 in Nam. They had a baby together and my dad only saw the baby once before he was sent stateside and was unable to get them to come with him. Unfortunately the baby had not been named yet. I have the womans name and a partial address in Saigon. It's been a year looking and not much luck. Realizing this is a long shot maybe there is another veteran that was in the same situation and had a successful outcome. My dad would love to complete the family circle and I would love to find my halfbrother whether he is alive or dead. Please email me a

My husband is looking for an old buddy. His name is Captain Hugh Tillsen or Tilson...could be now in Miss., Tenn., etc....served in infrantry, Korean War. If anyone knows how to find him, please let us know.

All former shipmates of the USS Passumpsic AO 107 for reunions. Bob & Geri Brockman

Mark Bonen stationed at Bien Hoa AB, RVN, 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, 19th TASS., 1969-70. Contact C. Van Zant.

I am looking for a friend that I was stationed with on Guam back in 82-84 He was then reasigned to Albiqur.NM and then Japain. He has a son "Robert" If you know where I can find Mark D. Riddle, let me know.

William Leon Applegate. service #621538 U.S.M.C. Camp Lejeune, S.C. 1955-1956 M.T. Co. Ser. Bn. M.C.B. rank-- Sgt. requesting information for geneological records please contact:

I am looking for anyone who served with my grandfather, Sgt. Damon Wilson during WWII. I know that he was on Omaha Beach on D-Day. Anything else anyone could share with me would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at

Looking for Leese or Howie from Da Nang Signal Bn., Vietnam. L. Teitsworth e- mail

I am looking for friends that served in the US Army Security Agency at Ft. Gordon, GA during 1972 - 1975. Especially looking for Richard K. Petrovic and former Teresa Kolowski (not sure of spelling). Respond to or snailmail as follows: David Latham 364 Avon Road Montgomery, AL 36109

Looking for my cousin jerry riddle, trained at Coronado navel base ca. U.D.T. team 2 Apollo 14 recovery . missing since 1995. Any info helpful thank you dale miller

I am looking for the names and addresses of any former members of Co. D 18th Regt.1st Division who served between April 1942 to March 1945 I can be reached by "snail mail" at Edward Steeg Box 15 White Haven, PA 18661, telephone 717-443-9726 or E-Mail

Trying to find x-recon bn. marine Steve Mace. D-company 1st recon bn Chu Lai last known to be in Calif,working in silicon valley. Contact me

any information about harry vernon marsh from tecumseh,michigan. born april 1921. served in ww2 with the texas 36th division from jan. 1943 to sept. 1945.

Looking for Steve Ray Judy in VN with 101st Airbrone. Contact Rhonda (Reiser) Romiti 916-944-3540 Carmichael, CA. Email

Hi! I am searching for a World War II Veteran by the name of John Marvin Wallace. He was from upstate New York near Ticonderoga. He was returned to the United States from active duty around 1945. I don't know what branch of the military he was in or his date of release. All I know is that he returned to the U.S. around 1945. He was in New York when he came back. He and my grandmother divorced around July of 1945 - I think - and that was the last that was heard of him. I am trying to locate someone who may know him - or knew him - so that I can get some information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! Jen at email address:

This is a request for any information that you could give me on finding out information on my father who was in the European campaign during the war. He was a pfc in the army , in I think , artillery division. His name was Earl Albert Dick. He was from Iowa. Any information about what division he was in, or where he was in Europe during the war would be of help. My e-mail address is: My name is Marie Gore 103 Northside Drive Vernon, Tx. 76384 Thank you very much, Marie Gore

Kelsey Decker is looking for Ray D. Fuller for a "Buddy Statement". Mr. Decker served in Germany during WW11 in the 293rd Combat Engineer's, 3rd Army around 1944-1945. Please call the Veterans Service Office in Hamlin,Texas 79520 ( 915-576-3446 ).


Richard Glenn Dobson. Served on a ship in the Atlantic or Meditterranean in mid-1960's. Born in Detroit, Michigan, believe he later moved to Ohio. Looking for him because he's my half brother and he probably does not know he has another family. I saw him only once when he was about 2 years old. His father was Glenn, mother Ursulla (nickname Mickey). Not much to go on, I know. Reply to

Looking for anyone who knew my brother, WO1 David R. Kink, hometown Middleton, Wisconsin, WORWAC 69-11, C Troop 1st Sqn. 9th Cav. 1st Air Cav. June to July 1969, KIA 8-3-69 106th Gen. Hosp. Japan. Crashed 7-21-69 Phouc Vinh. He was 19 and I was 8. I would like to know more about him as I can't remember much. "Little sister" Julie Kink - Stillwater, Minnesota email

Looking for info about the 88 div. 349 th inf.div. medical detach. served in Italy from Jun.14 '44 to Aug. 11,1945. John Diepold 730 Park Ave. Laurel Springs.N.J. 08021

Looking for anyone with information regarding attacks upon 2nd Communications Squadron outposts near the DMZ in 1956-1957. I am particualarly interested in finding an airman named McNeil or McNeal who was shot during one of these attacks. He was sent to Japan and lost his slot to go to OCS/Pilot training. I need this information to establish a basis for a VA claim for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I am writing for a church member and friend - William J. McLaurin (Bill), who was present during some of those attacks. I can be reached via e-mail at

Hello my name is Sgt Terry L. Blount of the Ok National Guard. My prior service included 2 years with the 3rd ID Swienfurt Germany, B Co. 3-64 Armor followed by 4 years at 1st ID Ft Riley KS B Co 1-34 Armor, where we were activated to Desert Shield/Storm. Upon returning I ETS'ed and joined the guard. My primary mos is 19k30(M1A1 main battle tank crewman), but currently work in my secondary 88m20(Transportation),but will always be a tanker at heart(HUYA). I welcome and answer all e mail and letters. Thank you for your time and service. Sgt Terry L Blount 1024 S.W. 69 Okc, Ok 73159

I am looking for Johnny Black who was in the navy and was station or in port at Long Beach around November of 1954.If you know of him or you are him. Please contact me at Thank You, Ria

Looking for Dick Higging, BM2 or John Haughn, BM2 or anybody stationed at TanMy VietNam, Security Division/Night Patrols. William T Gardiner, SM1 USN (Ret/Medically) PH: 541 882 8058

Anyone that was at ubon Air Force Base Thailand, Warren ICS Site between Aug. 71 till Oct. 72 please contact me. I am especially looking for John Walsh the NCOIC for the site during that time period. You can emails me at the following: Thank you Bob Edwards

Am a graduate student at Dartmouth in a class on race relations. Looking to interview African-American Vets on their experiences there. Please respond to Joseph.Deffner@Dartmouth.EDU Many thanks, Joe

I am looking for Robert Michael McClure, SGT E-5 or SSG E-6, USAR active duty May - July 1973 at Ft Ord, CA. Military police unit. Last known to be civilian policeman for city of Kearney, AZ. anyone knowing whereabouts, contact

Searching for Stan Reeves who served with David C. Tisron in 1972 in Thailand. Stan and Dave flew on C-130 gunships and theirs went down over Laos on March 30. All 15 crewmen survived. I'd like to hear from Stan or anyone who may have known Dave. Dave also served in Okinawa prior to Vietnam duty. Please contact me (Donna (Tisron) Inman at

  Please help in finding two vietnam buddies Tony Leedy and J.R Degeer.Served three tour with these men 30 years ago.Would enjoy talking with them. If any one out there knows them, Please contact me. Jon[shotgun Bo Gidley]Gidley

I am trying to locate an Army Psychiatrist that was stationed at Irwin Army Medical Center, Ft Riley, Kansas, around 1973. The only name available is Dr. Steinmetz. (spelling ??) contact E-mail

Am posting this for a friend in search of their son. He was last aboard the USS Jarrett, FFG 33. Discharged in March of 98 in San Diego and has not been heard from since. His name is Michael Jon Thiher, DOB 4-14-77, he was a Seaman Apprentice His parents would like him to call home and let them know he is ok...any information would be appreciated. email

I'm looking for any of my old shipmates who I commissioned the U.S.S. Stark (FFG-31) with on 23 Oct. 82, and anyone else who served with Me onboard through July 1985. You can e-mail me at

In '72 I purchased a POW-MIA bracelet. The name engraved on it is Lt. Scott Ketchie. If anyone knows the whereabouts or status of this person please let me know. Any information on him at all will be appreciated. Send correspondence to Thank you, Dr Tommy Dickinson.

Seeking those with whom I served from B/3/503 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep.) 1970-71. Please reply to Reunion 1999 is in Ft. Bragg, NC, Howard Johnson Hotel. Hope to see you there. Welcome home.

Rick White lived in West Virginia, was stationed on USS Flint AE-32 around 1980-1982, in which after serving on the ship (USS FLINT) he went to corpman school in San Deigo. Anyone who thinks they know please contact: Frank Davis 5228 Westhaven Crescent VA Bch VA 23464

I'm tring to find CPL ROBERT WIDNER a radio man stationed at Yuma Az 1944.Origanaly from Johnson city Tn area. Walter E. Davis <>

I am looking for anyone who was in the 82nd Airborne with my Dad, John D. Morecraft, Alpha Company 3rd Battallion 325 Airborne Infantry. He is looking for Anthony J. Tinsley, KY; Leroy C. Myers, IL; Daniel Mester, OH; and Terry Lewis, WI; and anyone else who may have known him. Please contact me, Michelle Morecraft, at . Thank You !!

My name is Jim Allor. I am looking for anyone who was stationed with me at Araxos, Greece (the Axe) from April, 1983 to April 1984, but especially MSgt. Larry (Doc) Campbell, or anyone knowing the whereabouts of these people. I know that Doc was stationed in Washington State after he left Greece. My mailing address is

Looking for veterans who servrd with Advisory Team 4/19 at Quang Tri SVN from 1967-69. Bill Trimbath

U.S.N/AD # 697 04 59 1960 . Phillip Conrad Keys ( then a CS3) Just courious Linda K. Cunningham Flaglady e-mail

I am looking for information about my daddy Jackie Edward Ward. He was in the Army. I'm not sure of his battallion. He served part of his time in the Vietnam War. He had brownish/blonde hair, hazel eyes. I am looking for any information I can find about him. Whether it be from friends of his or anyone else who may have known him or served w/ him. I am looking for any kind of information you can supply, letters, stories, etc. He passed away in the year 1979 or 1980 (when I was 5 years old.). I have been unable to get too many answers as of yet. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Jacqueline (Jackie) B. Abbott(Ward)

Looking for Tony Moyer stationed on USS DENVER (LPD-9) in the year of 1982 and 1983. E-Mail at to reunite with Dave.

Any Shipmate USS Henry T. Allen APA 15 , Pacific, WW2 , 1944 to 46, who would like to chat. Send E Mail .

looking for anyone who served in the phillipines in 1943 to 1946. contact john reshetar with the 143 navel construction battalion [seabees].

1ST CAVALRY DIVISION (AIRMOBILE) "GARRYOWEN" Looking for "all" members of C Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry who served in Vietnam at any time during 1965 - 1972. My name is "Shortround". My tour was Aug.66-67. I'm running "point" on this mission to find YOU! There are presently 297 of "us" (Company Commanders - Officers - Enlisted Men from all tours). If YOU served with C 1/7 [ I'll know if you fib ] contact me at: or write me - Ron Migut 97-40 62nd Drive Rego Park NY 11374 Thank you. ps: "Garryowen!" and Welcome Home!

 Want to locate Ralph G. (Gary) Simmons, BT3, USN. USS Kearsarge CV33, 51-53. Wife Cleta. Last known at Petaluma, CA working for SoPacRR. Contact Max R. Cram, 419 So. 153rd St., Omaha, NE 68144, 1-402-333-3049. E-Mail

I am looking for Jim Green or anybody else who served in the Military Police between 1945 and 1947 in Bavaria,Germany,about 25 Miles south of Munich(Starnberg,Tutzing,Feldafing??).I would appreciate any info you could provide me with.Tkx.W.S.


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