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March, April, May, June, July 1996

Looking for anyone from C co. 2nd.BN. 505 INF. 82nd. ABN. who were in the Dominican Republic 1965. Contact Jerry Bilodeau at

Looking for Alton W Brewton, served in the airforce with him at Clark Field during 1952-1953, and he lived in Syracuse after marring a girl from Rochester. was from somewhere in Georgia. Bust buddie I ever had.  Contact  "" Thanks.

Lookng for anyone who was in the 854th AC &W Squadron at Clark Field ,Phillippines during  i952- 1953.  Was a radar mechanic during that time.  Contact  "" Thanks Willie D Ford

Need information-my records destroyed. 11th Airborne (Dec 1954 to Apr 1955)Fort Campbell Ky.  I need to know date and name of fellow paratrooper who "streamered" in during this time.  Contact me if you have  any information about this matter.  Snail mail address: c/o W.L. Hood, P O Box 146, Fittstown OK 74842 or email is fine.

I'm looking for my father James Michael Douglas, he was in the air force at the time of my birth, 1970. his last know duty sation was in minott nd. please help me find him
it's been 24 years since i saw him. and i need to know why he didn't keep in touch with me during all those years. my name is Patsy J. Douglas-Pryor e-mail if you have any information at thank you for help.

Anyone who was in nike herc outfit with me from 59 to 62 contact Sammy L. Freeman me at pushrod @

would like to find anyone that was with the 18th f.a. fort sill, ok. late thirtys, early 40s. old I bt.or C bt. also the 821th T.D Bn.recon co. during combat Holland, Germany. olen e duvall,early. gigilo,or any one that remembers the time that we were in this house, in the attic,when we were hit with 88 shell, a large piece of shrapnel came through the roof into the room. rollie norris

Would like to contact anyone that may have served with or knew Corporal Raymond L. Hatfield.  Ray was a radio operator with Company K, 31st Infantry Regt., 7th Army, in Korea.  He was killed on Pork Chop Hill during March 1953.  I would appreciate any information from anyone that may have known or served with my brother before his death. Carl R. Hatfield, MSgt, USAF (Retired).

Looking for any navy veterans who served on the USS LEE HARDY (DE) during WW II. Please contact me at .

Looking for anyone who worked in HAC PMO, Saigon, 90th MP Det or others I worked with, 67-68.  Contact Tom Woods,

Looking for anyone who might have served with my father, MSGT Homer D. Henderson in 9710 TSU from 1955-1958. Please contact Elmer D. Henderson at or 121 Peregrine Dr. Voorhees, NJ 08043 

Looking for all members of the 5th who was in Vietnam 1968-1972 ,contact me at  or home 3711 Thompson Ave.Vancouver,Wa 98660 

I am Robert Hetrick from Cleveland, Ohio, looking for anyone in Air Rescue Service at BWI 1, Greenland, 1952-1953 or Hamilton Field, CA, 1954-1955.  I was a SA16 Aircraft Mechanic.  Please contact me at

Looking for members of the Orleans Signal Service Co.{AU7784}1956-57,COM_Z Orleans France[especially the telephone section] Please contact George V. Chism at 

Looking for any ex NAVY CTs who served between 65 and 68 Please contact Ed Eroh @610 767-9178(penna.) or email 

Looking for anyone who served in Co. "B", 2nd Supply & Transportation Battalion during 1972 -1973. I am hoping to find someone who was wise enough to buy the unit book, or would remember some of the men that I served with.  Please Help  Dennis Ombrello 

The Tri-Cities now has an AMVETS.  Meeting first Monday of Month @ 1930. AMVETS Post 397 (Sharing the VFW Post Home) 1369 George Washington Way Richland,  WA.  99352 
(509) 946-9411  Open daily at 2 PM Contact:  Doc Dennis  We are a new Post - Chartered on April 24, 1997 and are looking for fellow veterans to join us!! 

 Searching for anyone with info re: USS CLYTIE  AS26. My uncle, John H Hansen TM2 was aboard 1945. John died in early 1970's but his older brother, Ray is still kicking and we would like to get any historical info and first hand accounts of life aboard the Clytie, if possible. John was 
originally for Twin Falls, Idaho, but enlisted from the small California town of Isleton. He went to U.S.Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R.I. in 1942. We are not sure of Duty between '42 and '45 and if anyone knows anything allinfo will be aprreciated. DAVE RICE e-mail: 

Looking for Richard Higgins and John Haughn both BM2 Class that served with me at Tan My Viet Nam or anyone that was in Security Division at Tan My Vietnam. Urgent that I contact Higging and Haughn!!!!!!!! William T Gardiner, SM1 USN (Ret/Medically) 1 541 882-8058 - PH/FAX 

Looking for anyone stationed aboard the USS Frank Knox, DDR-742 from 1967-1969 who knew or might be trying to locate Dannie E. Turner, BT3. Email address Diane.  Home address 6207 7th Ave. Apt. 33, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53143. 

Ralph Calloway was my first cousin.  He was in the 25th Division, 27th inf. He was killed in Luzon in the Phillipine Islands in WW 11.  I have sent for his records but was informed that all records of that era were distroyed in a fire. I would like to communicate with veterans that servived the invasion and might remember him. Any help along these lines would be appreciated. Please contact Ferdy Rosenfeld at 

 Looking for buddies I served with in the 85th U.S Army Field Artillary Detatchment, in 1981, Gielenkirchen  West Germany.  Looking for Stillman, Donald Gonzer, Byran Copas Gemo {Bob G.}. In charge then was - Sgt. Horsley, Sgt. Stogner, Sgt. Caufey.  Many may have PCS to Ft.Sill 
Oklahoma. Please contact 

I'm also looking for Ramierez [nickname "Ramrod"], and Heubler. Both served in 85th USAFAD in 1981, Gielenkirchen West Germany.  Please contact 

Retired AirForce pilot: Mike Hannan Married Anita Moors, who had two children.  Family lost track after Anita divorced 1st husband. Would like to find Oliver Andrew Moors & Leslie Margha Moors.  (Maybe Hannan, if Mike adopted them.) Are you out there Mike? Please contact me at Wanda Schroder 

Walter J. Slack, enlisted weather forecaster, last known Offett AFB, Nebraska. Worked for Air Weather Service, also stationed King Salmon, Alaska, 1970-71 as Securit Policeman. Contact Brian D. Higgins, 1750 N. Congress Ave. C309, West Palm Beach, FL 33401-1628 

Looking for Dick Higgins, BM2, John Haughn, BM2 or anyone else that was stationed at Tan My Vietnam 1968-69.  Please contact me at or fax 1 541 882-8058. 

Also seeking assistance from all vets that have "any" claim pending before the Veterans Administration.  I have been filing claims for all vets for close to 15 years.  Looking for the time frame to get a approval or denial letter from the V.A.  Plan on going to D.C. if I can set up any hearings and present these stats to them to show the V.A. system is broke.E-mail - or fax 1 541 882-8058 William T Gardiner, Veterans Advocate/PTSD Consultant po box 303 Bellingham,Wa 98227. i am looking for a cook who was stationed at Fairchild Air Forc Base in 1966-1967. He was around 25 yrs. old. Light brown skin. 6ft. 2 and about 185 lbs. Anyone remembering this person or knowing how to find him PLEASE e-mail me. it's very important. thanks, t.leistner 

We would like for anyone who has any information or photographs of William Robert Embry aka Billy Bob to please contact us at E-Mail or write to us  Jerry Richards       2505 N. Rodgers Ave Alton IL. 62002 This request is for William's sister Donna  Cpl William Robert Embry USMC was KIA at Quang Nam Nov 6 1968 Co B 7th Engr BN 1st Mar Div Vietnam PH 

We are looking for a buddy who we served with in vietnam. His name is Russell Bodell, served in Pleiku 1967-1969 last know whereabouts was San Jose Ca. or Long Beach Ca. Anyone with information on him is asked to please contact us at E-Mail or write to us at 
Jerry Richards 2505 N.Rodgers Ave, Alton IL. 62002 

Looking for anyone that served in Vietnam 67/68.  San Diego platoon#3005. 1st Marine Air Wing H&MS16 MAG16-Marble Mt. Please contact me at 

Looking for Kenneth Gilber, USN, VP-46 from 1969-1972, Moffett Field, CA contact Ron Blaylock (

I am trying to locate any of my buddies that worked at MWHS-2 (S-1) Cherry Point during period 5-75 to 5-77. Please contact me (Mark Feaster) at 

My dad is looking for Mr. William Delaney formerly of Kentucky.  They served together in Germany in 1958 to 1960.  Both completed their jump schools at Fort Bragg and returned home, after Germany, to Fort Campbell in 1960. Mr. Delaney and my dad lost touch when my dad entered the 101st. If anyone has any information on Mr. Delaney or other avenues I can use to 
try to find him, please contact me at: Phone number:  (812)279-1778 Address:  RR#12 Box 182 
Bedford, IN  47421 E-Mail address: Thanks for you help, Betsy Robertson 

  I'm actively searching for contact with any fellow shipmates who served with me aboard the USS DIACHENKO(possibly misspelled)from 1947-1950 We were the last American vessel to leave China, An as such we extracted dozens of Americans that were ordered to leave that country, I remember we encountered some fairly severe small arms fire from the RED CHINESE. It's extremelly important for me to make contact with fellow shipmates. Please feel free to contact me at my snail mail address: BILL WHEELER 1095 LEET RD. NILES,MI 49120 

Looking for former members of the 441st Pow processing co. and or members of the AlAl military government last stationed in Berlin, Germany in 1945. Please contact me at 

Iam looking to contact a James White III. Was stationed at Osan AB, Korea 1975-77. Assigned to Red Horse. Anyone with information can contact me James M. Clinton at JP_Germ@Prodigy.Net 

My name is Wayne Gunter, I served 2 tours in Vietnam.  First tour 68-69 4th Inf. Div. Served FO Team 4/42 arty.  1/12 inf D co and B co.  Second tour 70-71; air advisory 5/16 arty Ahn Khe.  Advisor Cheo Reo Special Operations.  Looking for any friends that can remember.  I can be reached at Thanks for all responses. Looking especially for Al Kissiling who went through Recon school with me. 

I am searching for Larry Adkin or Adkins, a 20 + year, retired Marine, that served at 100 Harrison St. S. F. Cal. in 1951-52 and then to Korea.  Born in Wheeling or Huntington, W. Va.  Last known address in 1973 in Albany, Ga.  Married to Ethel Mae, and had 7 children.....eldest sons name, Claude. Thank you, Marlene Heuer-Graham 

I am searching for Charles Wayne Apple, who served at 100 Harrison St. S.F., Cal. in 1952-53.  He was from Terra Haute, Ind.; & married to Jancie.  Thank you, Marlene Heuer-Graham 

Looking for Billie J. Cox or any friends/relatives.  He was stationed in Rose Barracks, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, in June of 1965.  Email Mary at

Looking for anyone assigned to IFFV, FSCE, or other elements in the Grand Hotel, Nha Trang RVN.  Contact Floyd Parks at <

Please correct my posting to the Unclassiifeds as follows: Looking for anyone who served with the USA Field Arty Det. (85th USFAD) from 1985 - 1990.  Contact Todd Hole 
Thank you for taking the time to correct this. Todd Hole 

Looking for anyone stationed in Heidelberg, Germany 1967-1970, especially from the DCS Communications & Electronics Office, write 

I was in Vietnam in 1966 with a guy named Billy Dunn. He was a medic and had to wear a built up shoe because of an old injury. Please contact Charles Nordan at 

Looking for members who served with me from Dec. 69 thru Oct 70 at Camp Evans Vietnam. Would like to hear from you. Contact me at 

Trying to locate WACs stationed at Camp Hanford ,WA 1952.Contact 

Hi.  I am looking for and old friend, David "Dave" Auxier.  Can anyone help me locate what military unit he was in or where he is now? Contact me at 

I am trying to locate K. Hara, a buddy I served with in Tokyo, Japan and Zama Army Hospital, Japan sometime between 1956-1959.  He was a Phycologist Assistant (or something like that).  I'm not sure if he lived in California or Pennsylvania. We called him "Kay" but I believe that was short for a Japanese first name.  My email address is Thanks, Joe Pignetti 

Anyone heard of "Gifford's Boys"  WWII unit known as 473rd AAA glided into Germany, France and Netherlands from Reading England.  David Gant (Silver Star and Purple Heart) wants to hear from you.  Please contact his friend at DumperDave@AOL.COM 

I am interested in locating anyone who knew Cheif MSGT Orin "Jim" Crow. He worked on the Flight Line (Goose Bay & Travis) and Missle Maintence (Vandenberg) and was in the NAVY during WWII and was a flyer. This Man was my father and died June 9th,1997. Contact me at 

I am attempting to locate David Russel Hennings. We served togeather at Mather AFB during 1970-71. We were both Medics. He had family in Washington state. Contact me at 

looking for former members of 3rd squadron 4th Cav, 25th Infantry Division. Would like to hear from any former cav members, Contact Jack Noble (

I am looking for anyone who served with my grandfather, Milburn Johnson, SEAMAN SECOND CLASS, on the U.S.S. MEADE in the Asian Pacific, Most likely 1943-1945. If you can provide me with any info, especially any info of those who was lost at sea with him, please contact me at ATTN ROBIN HANSEN 

Looking for former members of the 181st and 191st Military Intelligence Detachments (1/101st Abn & 1st Cav) 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968.Especially Robert (Bobby) Hubbard, 96D2, from Los Angeles. Contact Donald R. Winters (Former SFC) at 

Looking for former Instructors, US Army Intelligence School, Ft Holabird, Md. 1968-1972. Especially Aerial Surveillence folks.CW3 Jim Hinkley, SSG Jerry Gammage or other TIIF Instructors. Please contact: Donald R. Winters, Former SFC, 96d4ts9 - 

VFW POST 5224, 1264 E. LAKESHORE DR., DECATUR, IL. 62521 

I'm looking for two U.S. army sergeant who were stationed in Japan during the Korean War. These two men were "transportation supervisors" aboard the "U.S. Navy LST-629" sailing from Hakata, Fukuoka to Pusan, Korea from Oct 1954 to March 1955. They were assigned this position by the Hakata transportation office owned by the 24th division of the U.S. Army stationed in Japan. The vessel regularly transported U.S. soldiers and military supplies to Korea from Japan. I participated in the Korean War as a member of the U.S. Navy aboard ADT(Oil tankers) and LST(Heavy artillery transportation vessels) from June 1950 to July 1953. I was engaged in several activities; (1) The transportation of soldiers and military supplies to various parts of North Korea from Hakata, Moji, and Sasebo ports. (2) The landing operation at Inchon port on the west coast of North Korea. (3) Landing operations of the UN army on the east coast of North Korea to escort people from the North to South. Even after the truce of the Korean War was signed in July 1953, I 
continued working aboard these transportation vessels. It was during this time on board the "LST-629" from Oct 1954 to Mar 1955 that I met the two American soldiers I'm looking for now. While I shared time with them, they helped me in many ways and I really appreciated it. After I finished my work with the American Navy I worked as a captain on a patrol boat, making use of my Naval experience, operated by the Osaka municipal office for more than thirty years until I retired just recently. Now, remembering "the two unforgettable U.S. soldiers", who helped me and taught me so many things in my younger days, I really want to see them and their families if 
it's possible. I'd appreciate any information about the two U.S. army sergeant. If you know these two or anyone who belonged to the 24th division of the U.S. Army, or anyone so connected, please contact me. 
P.S. I'm sorry to say that the above information is all that I have. I'm attempting to track the two men through many channels. Any information, phone numbers, addresses, names, etc, would be greatly appreciated. If you know these men or their families, please notify them of my search before notifying me. 'an ex-crewman on board the U.S,NAVY LST-629' Toshihiko Tsuchiya E-mail : 

Paul Tucker, where are you. I have been looking for you for over 2 years now, and have hit nothing but dead ends. Please contact me if you can at Thank You Your Old Army Buddy, Dennis Ombrello 

 Looking for old buddies from 43th sig bn co E da lat viet nam 1967. Please contact Jack burrage/virginia at

I am looking for an old friend.David Benjamin Clark or Clarke. Also Known as David Benjamin Polinowsky.Former Marine,Served in 1968-71. He was a cook in the Marines. Originally from Florissant Mo.White male-Born 1949.Stationed at San Diego Recruit Base in 1968-69. If you have any information on him or know him, Please contact

Looking for Ed Neely, served in 756th AC & W Squadron, Finland AFB,Finland, MN, between Dec 54 and July 55. Contact Don Sidler,

Looking for Vic Krawczyk, served at K10, Chin Hae, Korea between Nov 53 and October 54. Was a great Accordion player. Contact Don Sidler,

Looking for Robert Herold, served at K10, Chin Hae, Korea between Nov 53 and October 54. Was a radio operator, and lived in Tent City on K10. Contact Don Sidler,

Looking for anyone who served with C company 1/7 Cav  First Cav Div. during October of 1966 to October 1967.   At first I was the Medic for Second Platoon and was known as "Doc Holiday".  Upon my return from Japan (wounded a second time) I was then the Company Senior Aidman of Charlie company until October of 1967.  I am especially looking for Larry Gold who was wounded April 3, 1967 in the An Loa Valley.  The saving  of his life made the whole year not a waste. I can be contacted at  Thanks. Michael Velasco Sr. "Doc Holiday"

I would like to contact anyone who was an instructor, or a student,at Camp Crowder, Mo.  Central Signal Corps School,  Code and Traffic Division,  between Dec 1942 and Feb 1945.  I was an instructor there during that period. My name is H. A. Olson.  My email eddress is

I am searching for any/all vets who served with me in either one of these units from February 1960 to February 1962 at Ft Story, Virginia. Please contact John Meehan at 

He was located at American Embassy Riyadh, Saudia Arabia in DAO. Back  to States July 1991.On staff DIA until 1993. Name is Lt.Col. Stephen Franke US Army.   I was last told he was out West somewhere,I would like to contact him. Please contact me at tel:301 652 0927 or 

Bob Ferrell-USN1964-72, served on USSCavallaSS244, USS Theodore RooseveltSSBN600, USS TruttaSS421,Fleet Sonar Inst.Key West--former STS2SS-looking for old buddies. Please contact me at 

Vern Greunke is looking for a veteran of WWII for his uncle Walter Kottwitz. Walter is wanting to make contact with old shipmate Edward R. Hull They served on the USS IDAHO from 1941-1946 as Navy Signalmen. He lived in Springfield, IL and also possibly Albuqurque, NM 
Any help appreciated. Send to Thanks!!! 

Anyone out there know the whereabouts of Bill Neirman?? I was with him in Lohne Germany in 1970- late '71. We were with the 42d Air Defense Arty Det. Bill is from Minnesota and lived or had a girlfriend that went to school in Mankato.I would really like to make contact. Others I would like to here from are Walter Hare (Kansas), Tom Harmes(Pa) Cecil Wise,Bill Purcell (NJ) and any others. My name is Ed Shanks and I can be contacted on line 

Looking for guys that served with me at Henry Kaserne, outside Munich during 54 & 56.  Also finished up as SP on gate b4 Gyroscope. Contact at . Or 

I'm looking for anyone who knows who I extracted late in the afternoon on that day. There were a total of 7 wounded and one nco. They were taken to the 12th Evac. Hospital at Cu Chi. Both my crewmen were wounded , one fatally. I would just like to make contact. 

Looking for Dave Griffith, 57th AHC Pleiku,72.Friends from 165th trans co. Phu Loi ,1971.  56th trans co. Long Thanh, 71, 57th AHC Pleiku 72,' Door Gunner. Please contact Dave Chandler at or 3559 forestdale Blvd. Woodbridge,Va. 22193 

Trying to locate anyone who served with the Recon Platoon or was in Hq Company 1/16 th Inf, Lai Khe Vietnam during 1966 or 1967. Contact Jerry Maggard at 

I am trying to locate Robin Collard who was in the airforce in or about 1967.  I am actually looking for his wife Patti.   Please contact me at  Thanks, Maggi 

Looking for anyone who served in 9th ENG BT 1ST MAR DIV 68-69. Contact Darryl Guidry 

It's been 25 years but here goes.  Warren G. Brown, last I know was with 69th Signal Battalion in Saigon 1972/73. Unit went to Thailand 1973.  Was an electrician for satellite communication station.  Any information my E-mail is Phone (716) 499-3820 

Looking for old Army buddies from "L" Company 63 Bn. 6th Infantry Division serving in the Phillipines and occupation on Korea in World War II.  Contact Lyman E. Shorb  110 N 4th St.  Hiawatha, Ks. 66434  or e-mail 

I am looking for an air force buddy, Edward H Phillips, that I was stationed with at Grand Forks AFB, N.D., Sept 1969-1970.Nickname was Freddy. Last contact he lived in the Kansas City area. Anyone having info can contact me at or call 806-273-9720. My e-mail address will soon change to:, so if the first address doesn’t work try the last one. 

Looking for former members of RIVDIV 571, all years and those "rats" that turned the boats over to the VN Navy. I am the National Secretary of the GAMEWARDENS OF VN, and wish to get a roster for future Internet activity. Al Lambinus, OSC(ret) at 417-469-2041 or, or 

I seek witness to living conditions in Line companies during the stated period.  That we lived under combat conditions and were harassed and threatened by the North Korean inflitrators and Americans casualties ensued because of the United Nations policies. Please include your service number, address, and outfit you were assigned to, or any other comments. Please contact me at Walter FeszChak PO Box 124 cupertino CA 95015 or tel: 408 236 3748. 

Looking for anyone who served with Donald R. Young, KIA 12 Feb. 51, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, I Company, Wonju area, South Korea.  Contact Paula Sheridan (family member) e-mail address: 

Looking for crew members with VP-46 from 1969-1972 . Contact Steve Shaw at SHAW@PRODIGY.NET 

I am looking for a teacher by the name of Rene'. She came over here last year and was supposed to start teaching at an academy for girls on Chejudo. The last I heard from her was just before she departed. Her maiden name was Edwards and she was from Bedford Michigan. She is married and I don't know her married last name, she may not even use it. If anyone knows her or comes in contact with her please pass on my email address or  or let me know how I could get in touch with her. I am sure there is an ole' boy network amongst you teachers. Thanks in advance, Jan Alias Ed Jankowski 

My name is Armando Orozco and I am looking for a friend that I was station at Barksdale AFB,La.  His name is John Howe and at the time his rank was major.  I know that he made LtCol a few yrs back, so if you can help to locate him assistance is greatly appreciated. Please contact me at 

Seeking anyone who was with the 20th Armored Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company between 1944 and 1946. Please contact Louis C. Leopard at 3405 Lakeshore Dr. Cumming, GA 30131 

Looking for army buddy, Thomas L Mounce, for a friend of mine, Kenneth Rushing.  Send e-mail to

Does anyone have any information or any family knowlege of Buford Glen Barnett or 
Gerry Pringle  who served in the 8th army ,i think as M P,s ,They were stationed at 
Wormingford in Essex England in 1945.  Please reply with any information however small to za 

CSM Joe Mancuso,"C"6th SFG,1SF, MSG Trout, or anyone from the 6th Group Also, looking for Sgt.Maj. Darrly Hamby, Vallye Forge General Hosp.'68, Captain Ida Richard,Dietian, 55th Med Group, VN 66-67. Cpt. Donald Klinestiver,MD, 2/503rd Airborne Bge.Cpt. Tom Dooley, 2/503rd Inf. 173rd. Please contact me at 

My father-in-law is searching for anyone who served during the korean war 
1950-53 on the USS Rich dde820.  His name is H.L. Wilson and was an SS2.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at 

Looking for alumni from AFRTS Guantanamo and AFCN Roosevelt Roads. 
Contact Mike Kiefer at 

Would like to hear from anyone who served on the USS BARNSTABLE APA 93 during WW II. My name is Willaim O Wilson ( Bill or Tex ) I was one of first 500 crewmen still on her when she was decommissioned. I was rated at BKR/3C My  E-mail is  Thanks Bill Wilson  

Llewellyn L. Brown, Jr. servered in World War II.  He was a Captain. Flew in the low level air raid on Ploesti Oil Refineries in Romania August 1, 1943.  He is looking for one of his crew members Condrad A. Sandish. Sandish was born 08-10-21.  Anyone having any information can contact Lew Brown 220 Clardy Malvern, Arkansas 72104 or e-mail back to  Thank you 


Looking for Al Grayson - was in the Navy and was in Baltimore 1944-45. He would be in mid 70's now.  He was from NY or NJ (?) - father was a doctor.  He was at the Glen L. Marting Co. while in the Baltimore area.  If anyone knows him, please e-mail me back at - an old friend is looking for him! 

I am trying to contact a friend from England. Her name was Eraine Filer. She married Capt Marvin  Cooke a Marine from North Little Rock.  I heard that Marvin was killed in Viet Nam and she may have remarried.  She had adopted a little girl.  I know this is a long shot but if anyone has knowledge of how I could contact Eraine please contact me at BritTravel@Worldnet.ATT.NET  

I am looking for William R. Armstrong,Ronald G. Smith, Rudolph W. Sikora, Alton G. Pounds, and Roger N. Olson. They were stationed at little Rock AFB in August of 1965.  They were involved in a missile Silo disaster in Searcy ark. in August 1965. They were in 308 MSL Maintenance Sq, SAC. If they remember Jaseth D. Rollings please call Walter Miller at 606-679-5999. Ps. This is any emergency Mr. Rollings does not have long to live and is trying to find these people. 

One of my friends is looking for her grandmother. Her grandmother married an American 
soldier who was in the Korean War and stayed on in Korea until 1962. His name is Daniel Harmon. My friend's mother is very ill and would like to reestablish ties with her mother who is presumedly living in America. Whatever help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any info please contact me at  

Looking for anyone (MI, Psyops, Postal) who handled, processed, or studied captured VC/NVA mail, civilian or military. Need additional data and info for a series of articles, several published, several unfinished, on the the subject. Also trying to compile an accurate list of ARVN KBC/Quan Buu numbers and locations. Thanks in advance for your help. Contact Bob Munshower  95th MP Bn RVN, 1968. 

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of patrick mcbrearty, formerly with the hq company, 3rd brigade, 101st airborne division, serving 1962-1965.  He was from queens, new york and after getting out of the service went to work with the telephone company.  we last talked in 1968.  you can contact me at this address on the net or write me at p.o. box 136, jackson, mississippi 39205. Gordon 

Looking for Sgt.Lindsey. 1st Marine Air Wing. Morest Crew at DANANG Air Base 1966-1967 
He was there when C-141 collided with A-6 Please contact Leo DuBois 

Anyone who could give me any info.on anyone that was involved with the  24 inf comp. 2nd batt. 19th inf.reg. in korea.or 4th armored calvary recon. batt.apo.541 us army stationed in linz ? austria. I could be wrong on this info. but if anyone could help me i would appreciate it. i am looking for anyone who was in service with a john vanwagoner from fort smith ar. or james maynard from wv.1952-1953. Your info would be appreciated. Email me at 

Looking for Katie Waring.  We were stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC for HHD, 7th Transportation Bn in 1977. Katie was originally from California and would be in her  early 40's. hope I find you Katie! Please contact me at 

Trying to locate Sp5 George Lewis and Sp6 Garcia stationed in Long Bhin 1969/70. Anyone from the 5th CLSU? contact me 

Anyone knowning the where abouts of my good friend Clyde Yamamoto, stationed in Schwabisch Gmund Germany, 41st Arty. please contact me at 

Looking for Ed Nold, Served at Fort Ord in 1975 to 1976. Contact Bill Marshall 

I am doing a search for my brother who is a veteran of the C B I theater.  His affilication was. 
23rd Fighter Control Squadron 14 th USAF (Flying Tigers) He was stationed at a Radio  Station in North China. He is interested in all CBI activites, but would particularly like to find some one from the China part of the action. My brother now lives in Peru, Indiana Please contact me at 

Attention Marines!  Guidance Counselor is looking  for a Marine who is serving or has served in a recon unit who will answer some short questions by e-mail for an at-risk 8th grade student who is VERY interested in this field as a career.  Send message to Stacey Evans at Please reply ASAP!!! 

My dad was on "Herby J" and is trying to find a fellow named "Fischer" or

"Fisher"....he cannot remember his first name, as everyone called everyone by

their last names.  Anyone know how I can find him?  email at or 770-667-2417. 


Looking for a former WM named Mary J Flannagan last known duty station New River. Any one with information please contact Marty at 

Looking for a former Army member who was in Georgia during 1959-60 either stationed or TDY.His name is Rodger Haut (unsure of spelling) possible home of record Lansing, Michigan. Please contact Marty at 

Looking for buddies from M Company, 3RD SQUADRON, 11TH ACR who served with me in 1968.  I was a mechanic assigned to HQ PLATOON, and served on the M-88 and on "MICKY'S MONKEY", our APC. My nickname was "Moose". Please contact me at 

Looking for those who served with me from about Jan 1972 till Aug 1973. Especially interested in contacting SSG Doyle, SGT Smith, SP4 Jim Plant, and any others who remember me. Please contact Darrell Snyder at 

Looking for info. on someone in the 18th MP Bde, at Tan Son Nhut in Saigon. Spec., I'm looking for anyone with the initials SLJ who served around 1971-72.  The man I'm looking for was about 5'8"+, sandy-haired, and his friends called him 'Slade' or 'Slate'. Please e-mail me at or 

I am writing for my brother, Jerome Lassiter who lives in Peru, Indiana. He is a veteran of the China-Burma-India Theater His outfit was: 23 Fighter Control Squadron 14th USAF (Flying Tiger) He was stationed at a Radio Station in northern China. If anyone has information about any of this please let me know and I will get the information to my brother. Contact me at . 

Looking for WWII veterans who served aboard the tanker Tomahawk. Contact K. Brewer, 320 N. Halstead, Suite 260, Pasadena, CA  91107 or email: 

I am looking for a Robert Sherman. He is AK2 (retired). We were neighbors and duty partners 
and want to know how life in the real world is treating him. My name is Jackie Higginbotham (non-retired) formally (SK2). If you have any info on him please contact me at 3403 2nd St. N.