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Stop wandering around the Internet. Bookmark this page now. Over 2,000 Veterans and Military Sites registered and growing daily. If you have your own site see the link below to register your site. Registration is limited to sites about veterans and the military or sites owned and operated by veterans or active duty military personnel. Every week Kil our engineer takes our web spider Command Sergeant Major Arachnophilia out to search all sights registered with Vets Search. So don't worry, this search engine is up to date and state of the art.
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This search engine depends upon what each site has in its' Meta Tags and the first pages in the hierarchy searched. Begin your search with specific terms and then become more broad. If you are looking for a specific unit try the entire unit name. If you don't find that try the main word of the title. i.e. If the unit is the 2d Infantry Division and that doesn't show up try "Infantry" that will get you sites that are about Infantry and then possibly find a site that has connections to the 2d Division. Yes this is somewhat backwards as to the way other search engines work. However due to the hierarchy system of the military it works very well.
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