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Make Your Veteran's Site #1
With The VASC Webmasters Corner Tools.
As sites register for Vet's Search we have noticed that there are a lot of things veterans sites could do to improve their visibility. So we have put together some tools here to help. We hope you take advantage of them. Everyday we hear from people looking for this and looking for that and they are their but nobody knows about them. With these tools now you can really make that site you worked days on known throughout the Internet.
Meta Tags Search Engine Submission
They will make you or break you!

Here is the download everyone needs to assist them with one of the most difficult chores in making a web site. It's called Mcatis a software program for putting together, formatting and building proper Meta Tags. It is freeware and better than any of the commercial programs. The only thing it lacks is a good help file. The author though says it will come out with version 1.2 which will be available here as soon as it comes out. Click here to download it.

The next thing you need is help in understanding the Meta Tags. The Internet has plenty of sites with Meta Tag information but there is none like Vancouver Webpages.Com. It is the most comprehensive site on the net for Meta Tags. It also has links to other sites that you may have to start out at because of it's level. However it is the best place to start and finish. So download Meats and get your thoughts together about the Meta Tags and dive right in.

OK this is all beyond you. No problem through the magic of CGI we are able to help you right here on this site. Just click here and go to our automatic Meta Tag Generator. This makes it easy for the beginner and even the more advanced user who doesn't have the time to spend or the expertise in Meta Tags.

The bottom line is this, search engine spiders get most of their digested information from Meta Tags if you have a web site one of the most important factors is to have good Meta Tags on each and every page. The two resources above will help you do it. The better the Meta Tags the better you are going to show up in the search engine requests.

Your Ranking on the Net
How do you match up right now with others having a similar site on the Internet. There are two ways to tell, First where are you right now. Click here and find out if your site is mentioned on the major search engines and where. Our position program will search the major search engines and let you know how you measure up. As you develop your site's Meta Tags come back and see how your ranking has improved.

Next join our Veteran's Top 50 Web Site group. All you need to do is register and place a bit of HTML or small graphic on your page and let our computer do all the work. See how your site stacks up against other veteran sites. Plus every month be entered into a drawing for a prize.

The Printed Media
Believe it or not one of the most effective methods of getting your site noticed is in newspapers and magazines. When VetsCom first started we had maybe on a good day 1,000 hits. We sent a press release to an office of the AP. They picked up on our release and put it out in their national computer column. On the day it came out we hit over 10,000 an hour. We went over our band width limit for the month in four days and had a staggering bill to pay at the end of the month for all the extra band width. Did we quickly change programs!

I know you think we are going to say send out press releases to all the newspapers and magazines by email. No we are not. Newspaper editors are masters of the delete key. If you want a press release noticed it must be faxed or mailed unless you just happen to know the editor or a journalist on the publication. This section is currently under construction and should be finished at the end of March 2000. However, it just may be the most important piece of advertising you do. Be sure and send a release to your local paper now.

Not advertising is like kissing a girl in the dark. You know you did it but nobody else does.

Once you have the correct Meta Tags it's time to publicize. You probably have seen those programs or services that for a fee will post your site on 500 search engines or link pages. Save your money. We have set up for you a web site submission program that will post your URL to 98% of the search engines that receive requests.

Surveys show that 95% of the requests for sites are made on just nine of the search engines and about 3% made on certain ones located in Europe and Asia.

Click here for Simple Submit and in about 5 minutes have your site posted where it counts.

Want to check and see how effective it is. Then click here for our position page. Enter your URL and key words and this program will tell you how you stand with all of the major search engines.

Page Opening Time

There is too much to see on the Internet. No one is going to sit for 10 minutes while a page opens.

We have noticed that most sites are full of graphics and pictures and that's good. In fact because of the medium the Internet is an excellent way to share pictures from the past. However the size of these is sometimes unbelievable and the wait time for the page and pictures to load almost unendurable.

Reduce the size of the pictures and graphics on your site by using one of these utilities listed below. They will take your picture and reduce the number of colors in it thus making it a more compact GIF. They will show you several examples and you then can download the one that looks best. You should run every graphic on your site through these. You will be surprised at how much larger your hit count will be as people stay to look at more because they open fast. Also for very large pictures use a thumbnail first.

GIF Works Complete suite of tools for images and html
Try this one first

Net Mechanic
Not as much as GIF Works and hard to navigate for the free items but has a couple of extra site features

Both are slow because of traffic so be patient.

Extra Advertising
OK, you have registered with the search engines and joined a link exchange, is there more to do? You bet. Some specialized small search engines can help you. You have a veteran site then be registered on a search engine that specializes in veterans. Vet's Search does just that. It only takes veterans and over 5,000 people a day stop there looking just for veterans sites.

Do you belong to a link exchange? If you do what does it really do for you? Nothing! It makes the owners rich (how much did Microsoft pay for Link Exchange?) by advertising on your site but even when they claim to advertise your site in a certain category since people can choose multiple categories you might as well not even choose one. Well the VASC has come up with their own, The Veteran's Banner Exchange and it is very different from other link exchanges. First it is for veterans sites only. So your banner is shown on sites where people looking are interested in seeing more veterans sites. Second it shares any advertising revenue generated by your site 50/50. So click here and learn more about it

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