Just Fill In the Blanks!

Well it's almost that simple. Please read the directions for effective Meta tags.

Your Name:
Whatever you liked to be called. Hey You will doJ.

Key Words:
individual words that best describe your site. Separate each one with a comma and a space. Include the important words in the site title.

. Do Not Duplicate! Once the spider finds a duplicated word it quits all indexing of that page, some quit the entire site as it is considered Meta spamming.
A concise paragraph describing your site. Stick to facts, avoid superlatives everybody knows they are BS.

You can duplicate words here but do not over do it. Be sure and get the site title in here. If there is something unique about the site make sure you include it.
Your name as you want the world to see it.
Would you like a Spider tag included?
What is this? Well it tells the spider to follow the links on the page or not to. This just means the links and pages inside your site not to another site you may have listed on your pages. Very important to check unless you only have one page.
Page Title: Before you click this button please read about your page's titles.
While the page title is not listed here it must be on your page. Be sure and have a good title. Not just "Jerry's Home Page" You have up to 50 words to work with here though ten should be enough. Instead of the above try "Jerry's Submarine Racing Pages" if that is what your site is about. If it is about all races then "Jerry's World Wide Submarine Racing Pages" would be better. If just about American races then "Jerry's American Submarine Racing Pages."

Do not use just the same name for your second page. Use what is unique to that page, if the results of a race are the primary thrust of the page then put it in the title. "Jerry's World Wide Submarine Racing - Admiral Rickover Challenge Cup Results" Also reflect this in the Meta for this page. A lot of work? Yes! But worth it! VetsCom consistently places in the top 20 and most of the time top ten for each area a page covers. Don't ever think that a title is worthless. Though people may or may not see it, it means a lot to the process that places your site when people search for information.
Pragma: One last thought. While it is never included in any automated tag builders but it is highly important "Pragma." This should be done as follows:
<Meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"> It Keeps AOL and other cheap skates who cache pages from caching yours. If you have advertising this is very important or material that changes often or if you just want to keep AOL, CompuServe, MSN and others honest and real Internet providers rather than just machines that show you old stale cached pages. It is better than the tag "expires on" as with it if you fail to change it on that date it just keeps the old one and never changes. Until someone goes to the trouble of reloading. As a minimum Every page you put on the web should have a Pragma tag and a good title.

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